Senior School


The Senior School at Eudunda Area School encompasses those students enrolled in year 10 to year 12 as well as adult learners and year ‘13’ students.


For a small school we are able to provide a variety of programs, from the more traditional University pathways courses to the courses best designed to meet the needs of those students pursuing a Vocational Pathway.


Staff have embraced the flexible study options we have in place including: ASBA’s (Australian School Based Apprenticeships), VET courses, Work Studies and Open Access.


Our current year 11 and 12 students are completing their secondary education under the old SACE banner, whilst our year 10s and future senior students will strive to achieve the new SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education)


We offer all compulsory subjects under SACE:

* PLP (Personal Learning Plan)

* Literacy

* Numeracy

* Research Project


As well as the following subjects

English Communications


Child Studies

Mathematical Applications

Business Studies

Design and Technology

Work Studies

Community Studies



Physical Education

Mathematical Studies


Information Processing & Publishing

Vocational Education

Home Economics


  • Students in year 11 and 12 occasionally choose to study a subject we are unable to offer via the Open Access College

    We have forged great links within our local and the broader community which enables many students to complete paid or unpaid work and VET (Vocational Eduction and Training) units as part of their school studies.


    A major thrust over the last threes years has been the introduction of ASBA’s. These are school based apprenticeships. Students study a part-time school course and attend paid work one or two days per week. Simultaneously they study VET programs which will lead to certificate completion at level 2 or 3. Eg Certificate 3 in Butchery.


    Other exciting programs at the Senior School level are: 

    • ABW (Australian Business Week)
    • Work Experience (unpaid work placement)
    • Agriculture (extension from year 9 leading to Certificate 1 in Rural Operations)
    • VET courses
    • Pedal Prix
    • Year 10 Camp
    • Year 11 Driver Awareness
    • Year 12 SATAC Information Session
    • University Visits