Eudunda Area has fantastic sporting facilities, a full size gym which accommodates many different sports, surrounding lawn areas, access to the Town Oval, golf course and swimming Pool, plus outside asphalt courts and areas.


  • Swimming Carnival is run for year R -12 in first Term. The day has a combination of individual, team and novelty event. The teams compete for points for their Sport Team either, Hambour, Kavel, or Patterson. There is also a Primary and Secondary Swimming Champion.


  • Sports Day is also run in first term and students form R-12 compete for points for their House Team. The events are a combination of traditional athletic events, novelty and team games. A Champion from Primary and for each Secondary age group is announced.


  • Santos Athletic squad is formed through results achieved in the Athletic events at Sports Day. The squad then trains for two weeks prior to competition day so the competitors can further develop their skills.In the past the team has been very successful coming in the top four places most years.


  • Knockout sport is offered in terms 2, 3 and 4. Teams are generated through student interest. The school promotes a mix of traditional sports, like girls and boys basketball, girls netball and boys football with non-traditional sports like girls football, cricket and soccer. These teams have been very successful in the past with the girls football teams reaching the Semi finals for the past few years.